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The 3 Principles of Running – What and How to Do Them

The 3 principles of running – what all runners do. But how well can we do these?

There are 3 principles of running I’d like to walk you through (or maybe I should say run you through – I know bad joke) to help you become a more efficient and effective runner.

Your pose, or body position, will determine how fast, how long, and/or how painful your run is going to be. The better position you put yourself in from the start of your run, and maintain it throughout your run, the faster, longer, and less painful your run will be at the end.

Putting your body in the right position starts with your spinal position. Everything starts and ends with your backbone. Without that foundation, any movement in any other part of your body will not be as efficient and optimal.


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About the Author: Albert Lu is a Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialist and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. To find out more and to contact Albert Lu click here.