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Transforming Thought into Action with the Pose Method

No recent scientific advance in the world of running has generated more discussion about how we run, and move, than The Pose Method of Running. In fact, this theory, based on Newtonian physics, is what brought about the ‘Natural Running Revolution’ that is transforming running cultures around the world today (misinterpretations and misrepresentations notwithstanding) .

Now, with his new Sports Technique Specialist course at the Romanov academy of Sports Science in Miami,  Dr. Romanov, its founder, is poised to foment yet another athletic revolution inspired by Nature, by teaching students how to apply his unifying theory of movement to all sports – golf, soccer, football, baseball, etc… and all their respective movements –  swinging, kicking, throwing etc…

I recently attended the inaugural clinic and, as one of the first athletes and coaches to learn and successfully apply the Pose Method of Running in the US, I was not surprised to learn that we would be studying perception (information); that our goal would be to have a deeper, better understanding movement. What was astonishing was how undeniably effective Dr. Romanov’s inventive and dynamic teaching methodology was in changing and improving my own movement patterns, as well as those of my fellow students. As a teacher and coach, this hands-on methodology was tremendously helpful in improving my understanding of how movement works and how I can be more effective in helping my athletes make significant and positive changes in their movement patterns in a much shorter period of time.

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About the Author: Lynn McFadden is a Pose Method® of Running Master Coach specializing in the Pose Method of strength development and conditioning. She is also a Pose Method Certified Triathlon Techniques Coach. She was among the first American athletes to be coached by two time Olympic coach Dr. Nicholas Romanov. Find out more about Lynn McFadden and contact her for training here, or Facebook