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Running Course – New York, NY

New York Marathon and other local races are coming up soon. Are you ready to help your runners?

Origin of Injuries

All hip, knee, ankle, back, quad, hamstring, calf injuries originate in movement. Poor movement pattern is a straight road to injuries. If your athletes or clients who participate in activities that involve running and have any pain or already have an actual injury, it is, in fact, caused by their current technique. Until it is properly addressed there is no way to heal the injury. No amount of Physical Therapy or training routine adjustment will help unless the root of the problem is addressed.

What’s commonly referred to as an “overuse” injury, should really be classified as an “incorrect use” or “misuse” injury. If our ligaments, joints, muscles etc are used correctly they can serve us a lifetime and usually do. However, when misused, they can only withstand so much and eventually get damaged. The good news is that it can be prevented and avoided. The Pose Method® Running Technique Specialist Certification provides the theoretical and practical information on how to achieve that.

Pose Method Certification: Running Technique Specialist

Sign up for the Pose Method Certification Course to be held in New York City during the weekend of May 20-21, 2017.