Moutain Mama: a Q & A With Single Dad And Full Time Adventurer Thomas Minton

After I posted a couple interviews with single moms, readers responded. “I love what you’ve written about single moms, but what about single dads?”

So I sat down with Thomas Minton, one of the most inspiring parents I know.

Thomas is a physical therapist who focuses on running-related and sports injuries, a Pose Method Certified Running Technique Specialist, a USA Track and Field Coach, and a Red Level Bike Fit Professional. He’s also a single dad. Basically, Thomas is an all-around bad ass.

I was in the thick of it, working an office job for forty-hours a week and mostly raising a toddler alone, and Thomas Minton’s advice saved me. When my son was an infant, it was easy to tie him to me and go for a hike or run with him in the stroller. Once he started walking there was no containing him.

Thomas showed me how to turn a playground into a gym.


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Thomas Minton is a Pose Method Certified Running Technique Specialist located in Asheville, NC. Click here to find out more about T. Minton and to contact him.




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